Application Security Testing

Software vulnerabilities are a primary entry point for cyberattacks and data breaches. Our expertise ensures that your web applications, mobile apps, and APIs are constructed securely.

With our application security testing services, you can identify risks and vulnerabilities across your software platforms and benefit from actionable insights provided by our seasoned application security specialists. Our approach combines a diverse team of experts and a mature, proven methodology tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether launching a new mobile app, an IoT solution, requiring a cryptographic review, or anything else software-related—if it runs code, we can secure it.


  • Discover vulnerabilities

    Identify potential vulnerabilities in your applications before attackers can exploit them.

  • Act on expert advice

    Receive clear, actionable recommendations for triaging and mitigating reported issues.

  • Communicate results with all stakeholders

    All findings and recommendations are thoroughly documented, ensuring they are ready to be communicated to management, auditors, and technical teams.

  • Our experts

    Since 2019, DACTA has delivered security testing services, supported by a dedicated team of security professionals, ethical hackers, and penetration testers. This team, responsible for safeguarding many everyday applications and services, includes software developers, cryptographers, and specialists in protocols, databases, and Industrial Control Systems (ICS).

    Our consultants are committed to ongoing training and research, holding prestigious certifications from Offensive Security, GIAC, and Pentester Academy.

    Our Services

  • Web application security testing

    Thorough security evaluations for web-based applications.

  • Mobile app security testing

    Comprehensive testing services for mobile applications.

  • Cloud application security testing

    Security assessments tailored for applications hosted on cloud platforms.

  • IoT and smart devices

    Security solutions for IoT devices and other connected technologies.

  • Source code reviews and audits

    In-depth analysis of your application source code to detect security weaknesses.

  • API security testing

    Specialized testing to secure APIs from potential vulnerabilities and security flaws.

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