Security for Microsoft

Ensure the safety of your Microsoft ecosystem and optimize your investments with continuous configuration validation, secure management, and round-the-clock Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Microsoft.


Protecting your Microsoft ecosystem is crucial for all organizations. Despite the powerful capabilities of Azure and the Microsoft Defender portfolio, challenges such as a shortage of industry expertise and potential catastrophic misconfigurations in public cloud environments remain. Organizations often grapple with thousands of alerts daily from security solutions like Defender for Endpoint and Sentinel, complicating the identification, prioritization, and response to legitimate threats. To address these issues, organizations turn to DACTA as their security ally and trusted advisor.


  • Reduce noise

    Focus on actual threats by reducing alert fatigue.

  • Harden environments

    Detect risky changes and strengthen your defenses.

  • Expert Access

    Gain access to seasoned security experts.

  • 24x7 Threat Detection and Response

    With DACTA's Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services, our experts detect, investigate, hunt, and respond to threats targeting your business continuously. Integration with Microsoft's security solutions, including Azure, Defender, and Sentinel, provides unified visibility to uncover threats across your entire organization.

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    Our Services

  • Azure Security Assessment

    Identify vulnerabilities in your Azure deployment to preemptively address security issues.

  • Continuous Azure Security Assessment

    Regularly validate the security of your evolving Azure environment to detect vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors before they are exploited.

  • Azure AD Security Assessment

    Examine potential weaknesses and insecure configurations in Azure AD, and receive actionable guidance to enhance identity management and access control.

  • Security Operations for Microsoft

    Simplify the management of your Azure-based and third-party security solutions with our managed security services. Our integration with Azure Lighthouse allows for streamlined and secure management.

  • Risk assessment

    Assess the maturity of your security controls against established security standards or best practices tailored to your Microsoft environment.

  • Third party security products

    Enhance your Microsoft security setup with advanced solutions from top security vendors.

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