Vulnerability Monitoring

Enhance your awareness of vulnerabilities and safeguard your digital assets.

Achieve comprehensive visibility into your vulnerabilities and safeguard your digital assets with our continuous vulnerability monitoring service. This service provides swift detection of new vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, policy drifts, and offers actionable guidance to facilitate rapid, structured, and prioritized mitigation efforts.


  • Gain holistic visibility

    Constantly discover vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and assets to maintain complete visibility across your entire digital landscape, including cloud environments.

  • Reduce costs and focus resources

    Our fully managed service handles all technology and licensing, freeing your resources to concentrate on securing your assets.

  • Prioritise business critical assets

    Assess your assets from a business perspective to focus resources and remediation efforts on protecting your most crucial business functions.

  • Security management is vital in any security program. Modern approaches must view assets not only as servers, clients, and infrastructure but also include entities without an IP address, such as cloud subscriptions, certificates, and even users.

    As your digital footprint grows, understanding the role these assets play in supporting critical business functions is essential. This perspective helps ensure that efforts are prioritized to secure the assets that are most vital to your business.

    Our Services

  • External

    Scan systems exposed to the internet to identify vulnerabilities visible from outside your network.

  • Internal

    Deploy sensors within your network to scan internal systems and identify security gaps.

  • Cloud

    Utilize built-in APIs to monitor security postures within cloud environments.

  • Web

    Provide enhanced coverage for your web services to detect and mitigate potential web-based vulnerabilities.

  • Active Directory

    Identify and address configuration flaws in your Active Directory setup.

  • SSL

    Manage your certificate lifecycle effectively and maintain optimal SSL/TLS configurations.

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