Cloud Security Assessment

Ensure your cloud environment is constructed securely and assess your capability to withstand modern threats and adversaries.

From weak architecture and poor resource configurations to flawed deployment models, various factors can jeopardize the security of modern cloud applications.

No matter the scale of your cloud operations—from expansive multi-cloud environments to newly developed applications or initial cloud setups—our testing services are designed to pinpoint contemporary vulnerabilities and enhance the security stance of your cloud assets.


  • Gain visibility

    Get a clear understanding of the security posture of your cloud applications or environments.

  • Identify Threats

    Detect potential attack paths across your cloud setup to prevent exploits before they occur.

  • Maintain compliance

    Ensure your operations meet security regulations, best practices, and industry standards while fulfilling functional requirements.

  • Our Offensive Cloud Team

    Our team, proficient in all major cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, GCP, and OCI, and Kubernetes environments such as AKS, EKS, GKE, and OpenShift, brings deep domain expertise.

    This extensive knowledge allows us to comprehensively address various aspects of cloud security, including deployment procedures, architecture, application security, and container orchestration security.

    Our Services

  • Full cloud penetration testing

    Conduct thorough assessments across all your cloud applications.

  • Cloud application security testing

    Evaluate client applications for vulnerabilities and identify security issues in supporting cloud infrastructure.

  • Hybrid architectural review

    Analyze the foundational architecture of your environment, whether purely cloud-based or a hybrid with on-premises infrastructure.

  • Kubernetes security testing

    Assess the resilience of your Kubernetes cluster against external and internal threats.

  • DevOps pipeline review

    Examine your deployment practices and pipelines for supply-chain threats and inadequate security measures.

  • Continuous cloud security review

    Collaborate closely with your DevOps teams, adopting a "shift left" approach to minimize risks and reduce costs associated with late-stage threat detection.

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