Incident Response

DACTA's Incident Response Team (IRT) is equipped to enhance your incident response strategies and address active breaches effectively. If you're facing a breach, contact our responsive incident response team immediately.

Experienced a breach? Contact our incident response team

Incident response demands a highly specialized skill set including a deep understanding of the nature of attacks, the strategies of attackers, and effective containment and recovery methods. Our team is proficient in managing a variety of cyber threats such as DDoS attacks, advanced persistent threats, ransomware, insider threats, and more.

IRT leverages extensive experience, having accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours in incident response, to not only tackle active threats but also proactively assist organizations in developing, evaluating, and testing their incident response capabilities.


  • 24/7 availability

    Expert assistance is available around the clock, every day, ensuring support is always at hand.

  • Specialised expertise

    Our team comprises experts across the full spectrum of cybersecurity and incident response disciplines.

  • Optimal capacity

    We have a vast pool of experts capable of addressing even the largest and most complex incidents.

  • Our seasoned experts handle some of the region’s most critical security incidents, supported by DACTA's Threat Intelligence team and insights from our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services. This integration provides a comprehensive view of ongoing attacks, enabling our team to keep pace with the latest exploits and attack techniques, ensuring swift identification, containment, and mitigation of threats.

    Whether through proactive services such as Incident Readiness Exercises, Threat Intelligence, and Playbook Development, or reactive services like Incident Management, Forensics, or Tactical and Technical Assistance, DACTA offers the expertise and experience necessary to effectively manage cyber incidents.

    Our Services

  • Incident Response

    Engage our experts to investigate, contain, and respond to cyber incidents.

  • Exercises

    Enhance your team's incident response capabilities with both tabletop and practical exercises.

  • Playbook development

    Create customized playbooks tailored to the most pressing threats and exploits.

  • Incident Readiness

    Evaluate and improve your organization’s readiness to respond to cyber incidents.

  • Option for Retainer

    Choose from flexible SLA options to ensure immediate response when needed.

  • Forensics

    Benefit from our internal forensic capabilities, ensuring that our first responders are experienced in conducting in-depth investigations.

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