Security for Operational Technology

DACTA combines extensive industry knowledge with top-tier cybersecurity expertise and solutions specifically designed to protect industrial IT and operational technology (OT).

Managed Detection & Response for OT

Our team offers dedicated Managed Detection & Response (MDR) services tailored for OT environments, ensuring continuous protection and oversight.

Our specialized team vigilantly detects, hunts, and responds to threats targeting your ICS, SCADA, and industrial networks around the clock. Integrating our MDR services provides a holistic view that helps identify threats across your entire organization.

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  • Protect critical assets

    Ensure the safety of essential machinery and equipment.

  • Avoid Critical Operation Disruptions

    Prevent interruptions that could affect production and safety.

  • Secure IT & OT Convergence

    Safeguard the integration of IT and OT systems to maintain overall security integrity.

  • Cross-industry expertise

    With years of experience and a proven track record, DACTA's experts have dedicated themselves to protecting industrial environments across multiple sectors.

    Whether your operations are in oil & gas, energy, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, agriculture, shipping, or another heavy industry, DACTA stands as your trusted partner to secure critical installations and cyber-physical systems.

    Our Services

  • Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

    Our team continuously monitors, detects, and responds to threats targeting your business operations.

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  • Threat Intelligence

    Stay ahead of potential threats with up-to-date, actionable intelligence.

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  • Incident Response

    Quickly address and remediate cyber incidents with our leading response team.

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  • Risk Management & Compliance

    Navigate and mitigate your threat landscape with our expert guidance.

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  • Security testing for OT and ICS

    Conduct comprehensive hardware and software testing on industrial networks and components.

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  • Security solutions & management

    We offer strategic partnerships to provide, support, and manage security solutions tailored for the OT sector.

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