Threat Intelligence

DACTA's Threat Intelligence Team keeps pace with emerging global threats to ensure your organization remains fortified against evolving dangers.

Threat intelligence has become a complex issue of managing vast amounts of data. There's a wealth of threat data available, but it's just raw information until it undergoes thorough analysis and refinement to transform into actionable intelligence that supports decision-making.

Our method involves assessing the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of threat information to eliminate irrelevant data, allowing us to deliver the precise, actionable intelligence you require to make swift, informed decisions during cyberattack responses.


  • Actionable intelligence

    Equip your decision-makers with curated intelligence that drives informed actions.

  • Global & regional awareness

    Benefit from a comprehensive understanding supported by a global network of threat intelligence partners.

  • Understand your threat landscape

    Gain valuable insights into threats specific to your industry and region, enhancing your defensive strategies.

  • Get to know the DACTA Threat Intelligence team

    Our team consists of expert ethical hackers, threat researchers, and incident responders who continuously monitor global networks and investigate new threats to provide timely protection for our clients. Internationally recognized for their precision and quality, the insights from our team are trusted by law enforcement and CSIRTs worldwide.

    Our Services

  • Threat feeds

    Receive real-time, automatic updates that keep your security measures ahead of potential threats.

  • Briefings & reports

    Stay informed with tailored intelligence that aligns with your organizational needs.

  • Threat intelligence platforms

    Centralize and operationalize your intelligence efforts to enhance security efficiency.

  • Training & workshops

    Transform raw threat data into actionable intelligence through expert-led training.

  • Threat hunting

    Proactively search for and mitigate hidden threats that have eluded initial security measures.

  • Threat modelling

    Develop strategies to identify and counteract potential threats to your assets and organization effectively.

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